The Perfect Sweater Found… In The Men’s Section


I’ve been in the market for a good fisherman style sweater for a few years now and I can’t tell you how many I’ve bought and returned because they were too itchy, too poor quality, too fitted for my taste, or even too pricey (original hand knit versions are VERY rare and expensive). Call me Goldilocks, but I may have found my perfect sweater.

The Aran sweater (or sometimes called fisherman or Irish sweater), is a traditional wool knit that was worn by coastal fishing villagers and the type of knit identified which region/country they came from in case they were lost at sea. The style became popular for the every-day person or even the Hollywood crowd in the 50’s and 60’s, after travel became much easier. Grace Kelly, Steve McQueen, and Marilyn Monroe were fans and many fashionable celebs are still wearing them today. It’s one of those classic styles that are always in fashion.

Who knew that I would find my dream sweater while shopping in the men’s section on Lands’ End for my hubby? It was everything I wanted, but it was the wrong gender. I took my chances and ordered a small, as I tend to wear my sweaters on the over-sized, cozy side. I’m glad I did, because it’s exactly what I had been looking for.

It’s tough for me to wear this wool sweater while I’m working on set or running around the city prepping for a shoot because I tend to over-heat if I’m wearing such heavy layers. I love that I found a cotton version of this classic sweater that’s breathable and still looks expensive.

If you really want to splurge on a gorgeous sweater, there’s a cashmere version too. Either way, you’ll look classically stylish and not itchy! Bonus if you can share it with your man… but this one is all mine.


Lands’ End sweater // James jeans (same style in different wash, similar wash here)  // Rag & Bone boots // Sorial bag (c/o) // vintage hat via Spooky Boutique // Meredith Kahn earring // Gabrielle Frantzen eye wrap bracelet (c/o, necklace version online here)

Lucky for you, you can get $25 off your next purchase on Lands’ End!

Move Over Winter Scarf, There’s A New Scarf In Town.


It’s that time of year—the time where you realize you need some warmer pieces in your wardrobe and you make an impulsive decision to buy something to combat the cold because you just…can’t…deal.

This time, there’s one warm weather item that won’t be your most spontaneous decision you’ve ever made. I bring you the blanket scarf, also known as the over-sized scarf.

You have Burberry to thank for this trend with this blanket scarf that graced the runways, but you’re probably not going to drop $1000 on a scarf tomorrow (and if you are, can we be friends and I borrow your new scarf?). There are many great scarf options out there right now that won’t break the bank, including this pretty good Burberry-style-cape-scarf.

The thing about blanket scarves that makes it coveted at the moment is that you look effortlessly chic when you wrap this over-sized bad boy around your neck and then you can wrap it around like a cape if you choose to do so. If you want to go full on into the trend, drape it over one shoulder over your coat a la Burberry. A lighter version like this acrylic one I’m wearing here comes in handy even in the spring for those chilly evenings when I want to wrap something around my shoulders while I’m out to dinner.

The best part about scarves, in my opinion, is that you just can’t have too many and you can match them to your outerwear or outfit. Check out some of my favorites below.

thebrooklynstylist_getting_cold thebrooklynstylist_getting_cold_2 thebrooklynstylist_getting_cold_3  thebrooklynstylist_getting_cold_5thebrooklynstylist_getting_cold_4

Chaiken coat (old, similar here) // Vintageous top // Lands’ End scarf (ON SALE!)  // Frame jeans // Nike sneakers // Sorial backpack (c/o) // Meredith Kahn earring


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